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Adrian Ionescu

Adrian Ionescu was born and raised in Caransebeș, being guided by his father, lawyer by profession. The father wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. The young Adrian even attended the courses of the Faculty of Law, but in the end he did not want to practice law. He liked business more and even flirted with politics.

"My first business was an internet club, in Caransebeș. Then I met someone on mIRC, a girl who was video chatting, and I literally asked her what she was doing and she told me she worked online. After she told me, I thought the idea was great. At that moment, I thought the idea of ​​interacting with people through images was very good. I've been on the internet since 1997, I've been a big consumer. Finally, the girl came to Caransebeș because I proposed to her to do a business. He was from Brasov. I offered to hire her and I hired her. At first I had a lot of problems because at that time no one knew what to eat. As my father was a lawyer, I went to him and told him that we had to find a legal way so that I would not have any problems and I knew that then the money was collected through Western Union, it was not the system that is now, through banks, how I'm working at the moment ", says Ionescu.

And, because the business had to be as legal as possible, even the police were called in to do checks, and approvals were also requested from the priests. "It was an article in a law that says that in order to be authorized in this field, you have to put passwords on sites with adult content, but it did not say what kind of content because it was not included in a specific content. It's much more detailed now. We didn't have live streaming, it was a site that broadcasted and paid us. And then I found ways, I took the documents from Western Union, I registered them as income, personal income brought to the company and the most interesting thing was that at some point we woke up with a norm in a law that said you have to ask, if it was 100 meters from a school, to not have advertisement and you needed approval from the church. When I opened it, so that there would be no problems, I called the police and told them: I do this and the girls are employed. They checked each identity card separately ", says, amused, the businessman.

The business was flourishing day by day, but everything would fall apart in an instant. The devastating news came in the young businessman's family in 2006. His father was killed in a car accident. It was a time of great trial for the family, which hardly recovered from the shock. The blow was devastating for Adrian Ionescu who could no longer focus on the video chat business. It didn't work anymore, the young man moved to Timișoara and decided that he had to start from scratch, in another field.

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In 2007 I closed the studio and started installing satellite dishes. Two years after he started installing antennas, Ionescu found his other half and got married. Later the children appeared: two beautiful little girls. In 2010, in the middle of the economic crisis, Ionescu was a dealer for an electronics and home appliances company. He realized that no one was buying equipment anymore, due to the financial situation of the country and he was very afraid to propose to his wife to resume the video chat business.

"I consulted with my wife and told her that I know a business in which I will never have to deal with liquidity again, because that was a big problem and I was having a hard time. I had to go and do all sorts of fireworks and requests to the companies and ask them to postpone my payment. I said I couldn't do this job anymore, just so I could call myself boss. When I told her about the idea of ​​video chat, my wife said we were losing our friends, how would the world see us? I made a calculation, showed her what we were going to get. I convinced her with a sigh of relief ", said Adrian Ionescu.

I started in an attic. I don't know if I invested 10,000 euros. I bought computers, made a website and was lucky to find quality girls. At first, I made this concept a classic. From 2014-2015 I developed, I moved to a bigger location. It was hard, because in this field the girls come and go. I also had those who stayed up to 3 years, but in general the average is 6 months-1 year ", Ionescu adds.

What is the secret to success in such a business? To give freedom. This area does not go hand in hand because, although everything seems simple, it is not true, it is a fantastic emotional impact. We have a psychotherapist who works with them, coaching and motivation in particular. They are much more relaxed, although they do not have a social life. We tried to impose rules, fixed schedule, but at some point the girls get tired. Every girl has an independence. The recruitment system in Timișoara was bad, probably also because of the mentality ", adds Adrian Ionescu.

This field is wrongly promoted, girls make money selling illusions. We also do some erotic shows. We are an online concept. Andmoreover, the employees of the studio are also advised on how to invest the money they earn. There have been cases where some models have been advised how to buy property.

And, because the business is as legal as it is serious, as Adrian Ionescu says, the recognition was not long in coming. LCM has appeared in magazines and won the Best Live Cams Models Concept award at the profile competitions.

Adrian Ionescu is confident that he will be able to carry on his successful business, that the mentality of Romanians is constantly changing and adapting, and an increasingly vibrant society aligned with Western standards will eventually accept the place of this type of business on an increasingly open market.




Experience speaks for itself in any field and we allow ourselves to share it with you. From what an online model means to building an entire business around several models, we can reveal to you. We give info from the house so that you can have your own business, which will bring you at least the same satisfaction that it brings us. 

„Filozofia mea de furnizare a serviciilor și produselor este abordarea directă, nu prin ședințe online, direct la sediul clientului sau la birourile mele din București și Timisoara. De aceea îmi rezerv dreptul de a alege clienții cu atenție pentru a-mi putea aloca timpul necesar în așa fel ca serviciile să fie de calitate și prompte.” – Adrian Ionescu

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How to start a business

The first step is the easiest way to start a business. It's a long way from thinking to putting it into practice, but with the right steps you can succeed. We will not lie to say that it is simple, because it is not. You need ambition, hard work and a well-established plan from the beginning.

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