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LCM Products

LCM TV - our television for live online models. Because we are dynamic and we like to create shows, we have built our own studio, with green screen and every week we have online shows with our models.



LCM TV is exclusive and unique in the industry. Because we like our models to be the center of attention, we created the Babes on Top show concept. A weekly show dedicated to a single model, in which she has the chance to become much better known on the site and to reveal parts of her personal life, which she wants to make known. Members have the opportunity to learn the hobbies of the model, to see what she does when she is not online, in short to get to know her better. 

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Tips Battle

Tips battle is a registered trademark of LCM. As a concept, we are the first to register a patent for Tips Battle. The idea started from the competition between models and the desire to create new challenges. On sites with live online models this type of show is dynamic and challenging for members and implicitly for those involved in battle. 

certificat UE TIPS BATTLE 018563566 page 0002
Tips Battle 2

Flirt babes

We are the only studio that has a special category on one of the largest sites in the video chat industry, namely Flirt Babes. Flirt Babes is a group of different models in terms of personality and style, but together they are successful. Create a community around them, being to everyone's taste, each being at least in a team model. 


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