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Be an online hostess while watching a movie

The movie - Binding in conversation

Would you like to talk about a Netflix movie while watching a movie and make money during it? With us it is possible! Want a company while watching a horror movie? You can have it and watch the same movie together and comment on it in real time. 

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Conversation topics

The best topic of conversation is spontaneous. Create topics from what you like to do, from your hobbies and don't try to develop topics you don't know anything about. 

Do you like to read? Tell the most interesting paragraph from the last book you read. You are passionate about make-up and you meet a man interested in the subject, do not be afraid to develop. 

The best conversations are the ones that flow normally and don't require Google searches to answer a pompous topic. Imagine you're in a face-to-face conversation where you can't reach a phone and talk freely. 

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