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Online modeling job is very trendy nowadays. Many women who want financial independence decide to start their modeling career. 

There are two big categories of models namely, video chat models and online content creation models. The differences between them are big, from the point of view of the program, but also of the way in which they are paid. 

See how exciting it is to get paid for real-time conversations with fans, a picture of you having coffee or a spicy bedroom video. Your content is exclusive, so we encourage you to set your best price for it.

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Chat Studio

The studio near the center of Timișoara is the place where we started making innovations in the field of online modeling. We launched new show concepts, we are the only studio that launched a special category on one of the profile websites and we managed to get important awards year after year. 

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Training Academy

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The idea that we become what we believe we will become has also been expressed as the Law of Dominant Thought. This means that in each of us there is a power that propels us in the direction of our dominant thoughts. If your dominant thought is to become an online model, a visit to us is what you need to succeed. To make a brief summary of what the training manual we have built means, you need to know the following: As a model, you need to be aware of the actions you are taking to earn a living every day. You need to interact in a chat, to filter out those who are going to waste time on those who can really become your members. Be nice and respond to everyone as much as possible, but focus your attention especially on the target members. Try to lead the discussions especially in the directions that interest you, to politely refuse those who have exaggerated requests because in the end, you are in a private chat with those with whom you are compatible.

De aceea, un sistem de convingeri pozitiv reprezintă punctul de start pentru atingerea oricărui țel. Atunci când convingerea ta dominantă este aceea că poți să îți atingi scopul, începi să acționezi în direcția îndeplinirii acestuia. La începutul acestui job trebuie să te axezi în special pe un renume. O perioadă trebuie să-ți menții atenția pe strânsul voturilor pozitive, pentru a deveni cunoscută pe site-ul pe care lucrezi. Te concentrezi pe cât posibil pe entertaining, pe ideea de a-ți aduna cât mai mulți „prieteni” virtuali. Progresiv, vei observa cum de la o zi la alta, această atitudine îți va fi de folos și-ți va spori veniturile. Nu cu mult de la început, însă important este că având așa o atitudine de fire veselă, vei reuși să-ți mărești veniturile în fiecare zi. 


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Are you thinking of starting your own online modeling business and you don't know what steps you need to take? Here are the answers to your questions. With 18 years of experience in the field, we know how to turn your business into a successful one!

We advise you not to think too much because someone else can take it before you!


The first multi-level marketing network in the field of video chat! We have found the option by which we can secure the future of a chat model and by which any model can generate money both actively and passively. 

Be part of the network and get exclusive prizes, bonuses and services!

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What could be written on a blog about online models? About their personal life, about the social activities they take part in, about their tricks regarding personal care. In short, about how they spend their free time and how they divide between model life and personal life. 

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