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You are the business!


Discover the most innovative social and content creation platform, sold independently, with no obligation to subscribe.

4Fans is the best place to start your online modeling career, promoting adult media content. 

See how interesting it is to be paid for conversations with fans, for a picture with you at coffee or for a spicy video in the bedroom. Your content is exclusive and that's why we encourage you to set the best price for it.

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Chat Studio

The studio located near the center of Timisoara is the place where we started to make innovations in the field of online modeling. We launched new show concepts, we are the only studio with a special category on one of the most famous profile sites and we managed to get important awards every year. 

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Timișoara Studio
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Attitude and action

Training Academy

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The idea that we become what we believe we will become has also been expressed as the Law of Dominant Thought. This means that in each of us there is a power that propels us in the direction of our dominant thoughts. If your dominant thought is to become an online model, a visit to us is what you need to succeed. To make a brief summary of what the training manual we have built means, you need to know the following: As a model, you need to be aware of the actions you are taking to earn a living every day. You need to interact in a chat, to filter out those who are going to waste time on those who can really become your members. Be nice and respond to everyone as much as possible, but focus your attention especially on the target members. Try to lead the discussions especially in the directions that interest you, to politely refuse those who have exaggerated requests because in the end, you are in a private chat with those with whom you are compatible.

Therefore, a positive belief system is the starting point for achieving any goal. When your dominant belief is that you can reach your goal, you begin to act toward it. At the beginning of this job you have to focus especially on a reputation. You need to keep your eye on the positive votes for a while to become known on the site you are working on. You focus as much as possible on entertaining, on the idea of ​​gathering as many virtual "friends" as possible. Gradually, you will notice that from one day to another, this attitude will be useful to you and will increase your income. Not much from the beginning, but the important thing is that with such a cheerful attitude, you will be able to increase your income every day. Maybe you don't always succeed. Obviously, we all have problems and a medical problem can appear,
a mass pain or other personal problem. The important thing is to take the aces out of your sleeve as long as you can and get involved, because by wasting time, they will not simply put money into your account.


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LCM Player
Tips Battle 2
Tips Battle
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Are you thinking of starting your own online modeling business and you don't know what steps you need to take? Here are the answers to your questions. With 18 years of experience in the field, we know how to turn your business into a successful one!

We advise you not to think too much because someone else can take it before you!


To be launched!

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LCM Club - the club you definitely want to be in! 

Why? You can benefit from free drinks at your favorite parties, VIP movie tickets, beauty salon benefits, petrol vouchers and car wash vouchers. 

Attractive, isn't it? Find out how to access LCM Club!


What could be written on a blog about online models? About their personal life, about the social activities they take part in, about their tricks regarding personal care. In short, about how they spend their free time and how they divide between model life and personal life. 

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